Sabrina A. Hayes-Marbaugh

Model, stylist, realtor and entrepreneur



Who's Sabrina ??!!      

There's so much that can be said but we'll make it simple.

A "Jill of all trades"!!

A charming, sweet, and spiritual, loving mother, who's been involved in the fashion industry well over 30 years.

Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio she moved to New York City to study Fashion Design and Merchandising at F.I.T.

During that time she was introduced to the city's fascinating world of fashion and modeling.

It was both a WONDERFUL and AMAZING time in her life.

She enjoyed modeling along side some of the top names in the industry while working for some fabulous designers and amazingly talented photographers. Sabrina often enjoys reminiscing about her life in NYC.

In 2005 Sabrina founded a non profit group called "Hip Multicultural Moms". A group established for mother's coping with raising biracial/multicultural children in today's society. An idea inspired by the deep love she has for her children.

Though Sabrina still models from time to time, her main focus is raising her family, doing endorsements, and working on her business ventures all while staying "Fabulous"!!

Continue to watch her, she's like the phoenix rising. An empowered woman who always sees "the glass as half full" !



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