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Now What??!!

It amazes me when you think you're prepared for any given situation but then you begin asking yourself, "what the hell have I gotten myself into"!!! For the past several months it's been a endless roller coaster of trying to adjust to a somewhat chaotic situation I've put myself into. Crazy, crazy, crazy and I am continuously trying to weigh the pro's and con's while praying along the way.  Sometimes I laugh and think to myself am I being "Punk'd". For what purpose do I sacrifice my sanity??!!

This the price one pays for trying to be "Superwoman"!!

Ups and downs!!! High's and low's!!! One minute there's certainty and the next there's doubt. I guess that's how current events have me feeling or as I've said before, it could be just the woman's change I'm going through. I pray for clarity!!! 

Good time had by all....

Well the first major party of the year has come and gone, that being the Columbus Museum of Art's "Wonderball"!!! Where the preferred dress attire is black and white.

Many were dressed to the nines, looking absolutely fabulous.Me, myself wore a long black sleeveless dress with the back out along with a classic komono that my newest bff LeAnne Johnson Absalon owner of Peace, Love and Bling lent me since I was a bit cold along with a beautiful pearl bracelet which I believe was from her collection.

As usual, fun was had with many and I ran into so many lovely faces that I knew. This is one of my favorite events I always look forward to here in Columbus and when I move to Cleveland, I will still continue attending when I can

Hmmm, now what?


It's New Year Eve and I'm hoping that the New Year brings me my heart desires. It's been a trying and interesting couple of years, I want to come out of the murky waters into clear blue joyful skies with very little doubt in what I want in my life.

My lil man, my son will be graduating in 2019 and heading off to college which is bitter sweet. He will always be my lil man and I know come graduation day mommy will be crying like a baby.

My original plan was to begin a new and travel the world. I wanted to experience a sense of freedom without a ton of responsibilities but things have changed and I'm not quite sure what path will be best for me now. I feel as if I'm caught in this web of uncertainty and I need to understand exactly what direction will be best for me. At this point I feel as if I'm having an outer body experience in a situation that is not my own. There has to be more than what's going, this can't be what my life is all about now. There has to be more and I guess it's up to me to make it happen but where do I begin? When I was younger, it was so much easier but now I just don't know. 

I'm only human

I know sometimes I get caught up in the craziness that's called life but all and all I try to keep a level head about what's going on in my life. I can say it gets quite challenging but I know as long as I have the man upstairs by my side, nothing can weight me down for too long.

Life can certainly test you in many ways and it's up to you on how you react to any given situation/ We're only human and yes there will be times where our emotions will get the best of us like myself.

Yes, I'm a sweet person but if the wrong buttons are continuously pushed, I do become a person I do not like which really pisses me off at the person or situation that leads me to that state of mind. I just love when individuals take my sweetness for weakness, which is completely the wront thing to do!!! Again, I'm only human but I will continue to walk in my creator's grace.


And So It Goes On.......

"Life can be like a jungle sometimes, it's all I can keep from going under". 

Some may know that lyric from an old rap song but that's how I feel some days. 

It seems as if the world gets a little nutter every moment and it's hard to keep track of the wackiness going around.

For the most part, I've stop watching the major news outlets because they all seem to be full of it with their half truths or full out lies being controlled by one political party or another.

It's all disheartening at times but I keep my head up and roll with the punches!!!

Meanwhile I try and remain optimistic enjoying time with family and friends along with keeping busy with various projects as I search for a little bit more excitement in my life.

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