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Model, actress and entrepreneur]

Hmmm, now what?


It's New Year Eve and I'm hoping that the New Year brings me my heart desires. It's been a trying and interesting couple of years, I want to come out of the murky waters into clear blue joyful skies with very little doubt in what I want in my life.

My lil man, my son will be graduating in 2019 and heading off to college which is bitter sweet. He will always be my lil man and I know come graduation day mommy will be crying like a baby.

My original plan was to begin a new and travel the world. I wanted to experience a sense of freedom without a ton of responsibilities but things have changed and I'm not quite sure what path will be best for me now. I feel as if I'm caught in this web of uncertainty and I need to understand exactly what direction will be best for me. At this point I feel as if I'm having an outer body experience in a situation that is not my own. There has to be more than what's going, this can't be what my life is all about now. There has to be more and I guess it's up to me to make it happen but where do I begin? When I was younger, it was so much easier but now I just don't know. 

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Mom, Model, Stylist, Real Estate and Entrepreneur

Residence: Columbus, Ohio

Professional model, men's fashion stylist, realtor, entrepreneur and mom extraordinaire!!! Am I being too modest??!!! Seriously I'm the mother of two wonderful children who sometimes drives me insane, but they are both my greatest loves and the reason I created "Hip Multicultural Moms" back in the day (I wish I had managed to keep it going). I'm also an entrepreneur and fashion model, who started off wanting to be a fashion designer, now I'm venturing off into real estate while continuously being a fashion stylist for the professionals. I've been in the modeling and fashion industry for many years and I'm still loving it!!! I enjoy both the finer and the simple things in life. I'm very easy going. A joy to work with and be around. A woman with a heart of gold unless other wise. A kid at heart who will forever be young!!!!

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