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Hmmm, now what?


It's New Year Eve and I'm hoping that the New Year brings me my heart desires. It's been a trying and interesting couple of years, I want to come out of the murky waters into clear blue joyful skies with very little doubt in what I want in my life.

My lil man, my son will be graduating in 201…

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I'm only human

I know sometimes I get caught up in the craziness that's called life but all and all I try to keep a level head about what's going on in my life. I can say it gets quite challenging but I know as long as I have the man upstairs by my side, nothing can weight me down for too long.

Life can cer…

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Mom, Model, Stylist, Real Estate and Entrepreneur

Residence: Columbus, Ohio

Professional model, men's fashion stylist, realtor, entrepreneur and mom extraordinaire!!! Am I being too modest??!!! Seriously I'm the mother of two wonderful children who sometimes drives me insane, but they are both my greatest loves and the reason I created "Hip Multicultural Moms" back in the day (I wish I had managed to keep it going). I'm also an entrepreneur and fashion model, who started off wanting to be a fashion designer, now I'm venturing off into real estate while continuously being a fashion stylist for the professionals. I've been in the modeling and fashion industry for many years and I'm still loving it!!! I enjoy both the finer and the simple things in life. I'm very easy going. A joy to work with and be around. A woman with a heart of gold unless other wise. A kid at heart who will forever be young!!!!

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