Sabrina A. Marbaugh-Tyler

Model, actress and entrepreneur]

I'm only human

I know sometimes I get caught up in the craziness that's called life but all and all I try to keep a level head about what's going on in my life. I can say it gets quite challenging but I know as long as I have the man upstairs by my side, nothing can weight me down for too long.

Life can certainly test you in many ways and it's up to you on how you react to any given situation/ We're only human and yes there will be times where our emotions will get the best of us like myself.

Yes, I'm a sweet person but if the wrong buttons are continuously pushed, I do become a person I do not like which really pisses me off at the person or situation that leads me to that state of mind. I just love when individuals take my sweetness for weakness, which is completely the wront thing to do!!! Again, I'm only human but I will continue to walk in my creator's grace.


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Mom, Model, Stylist, Real Estate and Entrepreneur

Residence: Columbus, Ohio

Professional model, men's fashion stylist, realtor, entrepreneur and mom extraordinaire!!! Am I being too modest??!!! Seriously I'm the mother of two wonderful children who sometimes drives me insane, but they are both my greatest loves and the reason I created "Hip Multicultural Moms" back in the day (I wish I had managed to keep it going). I'm also an entrepreneur and fashion model, who started off wanting to be a fashion designer, now I'm venturing off into real estate while continuously being a fashion stylist for the professionals. I've been in the modeling and fashion industry for many years and I'm still loving it!!! I enjoy both the finer and the simple things in life. I'm very easy going. A joy to work with and be around. A woman with a heart of gold unless other wise. A kid at heart who will forever be young!!!!

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